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Places to Board Pets

By Tori Linville


Leaving behind the four-legged family members is never preferred, but it’s sometimes necessary when taking vacations or road trips. We want the best for our dogs and cats alike and hope the same for yours, too. Which is why we’ve helped locate the best boarding available to the area so you don’t have to.




Indian Hills Animal Clinic


The Indian Hills Animal Clinic offers an array of services that complete the perfect package. It features a pet boarding hotel that caters to all pet needs with all the conveniences. It offers indoor runs, large cat condos, climate-controlled kennels and windows for a look outside. There are even large suites with beds, television and access to a private exercise yard. Dogs are walked three times a day Monday through Friday and twice on Saturday and Sunday. Favorite toys and other items from home are welcomed. Check out the Indian Hills website here for more information on your pet’s stay.


Animal Medical Center


Animal Medical Center is a one-stop spot for all your animal’s needs. While the clinic offers a doggy daycare complete with pool time, nap time and more, the boarding facility is available as well (for dogs only). From standard kennels to luxury suites, any pup can find something suitable for his/her needs. Climate control and high-quality meals are also offered. Look at the center’s website for more information about pricing here.


Bryant Drive Animal Hospital


Veterinary services, grooming or boarding can all be found at the Bryant Drive Animal Hospital. The animal hospital caters to every pet’s needs while boarding, including a well-rounded meal and the attention it deserves. Climate control, room to exercise and other amenities are provided as well. Check out the Bryant Drive Animal Hospital in order to suit your pet’s needs here.




Hope Animal Clinic


Hope Animal Clinic comes with several perks that are perfect for boarding. From the bedding to the individual personality of a pet, Hope Animal Clinic caters to it all. Dogs are walked at least twice daily and provided special bedding depending on size. Doggy Daycare is also available during boarding for an extra fee. Felines can enjoy a relaxing, quite stay in a connected cat condo. Extra large cats receive open cages. To find out how the clinic can best serve you, check here for rates and more information.


Liberty Animal Hospital


Liberty Animal Hospital accommodates for dogs and cats, but can also look after your rabbit, guinea pig, hamster and even your bird! Two levels of boarding are offered – regular boarding and club vet boarding. Regular boarding includes an endless supply of fresh water, specialized feedings and a walk three to four times a day. Club vet boarding includes these features along with specialized play times. Be sure to grab a boarding release form before checking in. To find out more, click here.


The Pampered Pet Resort


It’s all in the name for this boarding location, which offers dog and cat boarding along with other services. All the usual amenities are available, including climate-controlled rooms, walks at a minimum of four times a day and themed luxury suites. Toys and premeasured food from home is welcome and dogs from the same family are allowed to board together overnight. This policy is also allowed for cat boarders as well. Cat boarding does limit playtime to only members of the same family. Two room cat condos are available. To see pricing and more, visit the resort’s website here to prepare for your pet’s escape.




Whitesburg Animal Hospital


With fresh water and a complimentary bath after a seven night stay, there’s really no reason not to board with this animal hospital. Personal attention and supervised outdoor play are just two of the many features at Whitesburg Animal Hospital. Both canine and feline alike can board in either a classic suite or a themed suite. Special food from home is welcome and concerned parents can request more frequent feedings. To find out more, click here.


Paradise Pet Resort and Spa


On top of everything offered at Paradise Pet Resort and Spa, pet owners can access a webcam to see pets in real time. To receive the feed while mobile, the ODoggy App can be downloaded to keep an eye on your pet while you’re away. Dog accommodations include villa suites, clubhouse suites and cabana suites (the cabanas have access to a private outdoor patio). Cat condos include three story playrooms, a living room, dining room and private bathroom area. To check out all that’s available visit the website here.


Unicorn Kennel


Known as the oldest kennel in the area, the Unicorn Kennel offers both indoor and outdoor kennels. It is family owned and operated, with flexible hours for pick ups and drop offs. Climate-controlled with highly-praised staff and facilities, Unicorn Kennel has reasonable prices and will be sure to come home with tails a-wag. For hours of operation, click here.


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